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    Server Fun Commands

    Post  El Swad on Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:06 am

    Here it is, the list of our main uniqueness besides the Fundex game; the commands!

    Joke Commands: some random jokes
    /desu: Suiseiseki goes nuts.
    /roulette: play a roulette game and try to win something.
    /cow: Miltank would like to say something.
    /shoopdawhoop: posts lazer.
    /fire: Cell would like to fire.
    /lazorfire: this time, Cell really fires.
    /barrelroll: Peppy gives you some advice.
    /wtfboom: what the fu- bomb.
    /trap: it's a trap.
    /kirby: the Kirby dance.
    /idunnolol: I dunno lol.
    /over9000: Goku's power level.
    /nope: Nope.avi.
    /eeyup: Eeyup.avi.
    /yes: YYYEEESSS!
    /no: NNOOOOOO!
    /ohshi: OH SHI-
    /awwyeah: AWWWWW YEEEEEAH!
    /tablethrow: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    /omnom: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.
    /andross: you are Andross.
    /aybabtu: all your base are belong to us.
    /dealwithit: DEAL WITH IT!
    /lolspam: posts lol.
    lol is a usable abbreviation for lolspam.
    /xdspam: posts xD.
    xd is a usable abbreviation for xdspam.
    /combobreaker: C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER!!
    cbreak is a usable abbreviation for combobreaker.
    /allthreatstothehumanrace: I must attract them!
    attthr is a usable abbreviation for allthreatstothehumanrace.
    /dennis: posts dennis.
    /futuredennis seconds: posts dennis in the future.
    /face something: you lay your face on something.
    /eat something: you eat something.
    /own something: posts that something owns.
    /pwn something: posts that something pwns.
    /fail something: posts that something failed.
    /epicfail something: posts that something failed epicly.
    /failatlife something: posts that something fails at life.
    /wrong something: Lex Luthor complains about something.
    /nigga something: NIGGA STOLE MY something!
    /grasp something: you cannot grasp its true form.
    /pingas something: something goes snooping.
    /disappoint something: you are disappoint.
    /nuke something: nukes something.
    /yxisy text1*text2: posts text2 text1 is text2.
    wander is a usable alternative for yxisy.
    /yuno text1*text2: Y U NO something?
    /allthethings text1*text2: x ALL the y!
    /russia noun*verb*noun: generates an In Soviet Russia joke.
    /meme meme*toptext*bottomtext: generates an internet meme.
    – Current usable memes are Chuck Norris, Success Kid, Philosoraptor, Trollface, Advice Dog, Pedobear, Slowpoke, Professor Oak, The Most Interesting Man in the World (TMIMITW), Socially Awkward Penguin, Futurama Fry, Good Guy Greg, Scumbag Steve and Yoda.

    Touhou Commands: jokecommands relating to Touhou
    /caved: CAVED!!!!!!!!!!
    /touhouhijack: TOUHOU HIJACK! LOL
    /charismabreak: charisma break!
    chbreak is a usable abbreviation for charismabreak.
    /sake something: Sake not even something!
    – If something is not specified, sake not even drop!
    /baka something: something is a (9).
    /marisa something: Marisa stole my precious thing!

    Leave Commands: disconnect yourself from the server in a funny way
    /selfkick: kick yourself from the server.
    /selfpunch: punch yourself from the server.
    /selfbutt: headbutt yourself from the server.
    /selfass: kick your own ass.
    /selfflandre: let Flandre Scarlet kill you.
    selfflan is a usable abbreviation for selfflandre.
    /selfchuck: let Chuck Norris kill you.
    /selflazer: let Shoop Da Whoop kill you.
    /selffalcon: let Captain Falcon kill you.
    /selfshoot: shoot your neck.
    /selfwtfboom: explode.
    /see something: become scared by seeing something.
    /chuck something: try to command Chuck Norris to Round House Kick something.
    /flyaway: fly away.
    /suicide: kill yourself.
    /dividebyzero: divide by zero.

    Pokémon Commands: Pokémon-related commands
    /attract user: attracts someone.
    /burn user: burns someone.
    /paralyze user: paralyzes someone.
    /poison user: poisons someone.
    /freeze user: freezes someone.
    /cure user: puts someone to sleep to cure its status.
    /capture something*pokeball type: captures something in a pokeball type.
    – If pokeball is not specified, something gets a normal Poké Ball flung to it.
    /derp: posts Derpfisk.
    /futurederp seconds: posts Derpfisk in the future.
    /ferp: posts Biderp or Bibaderp.
    /mudkipz: so I herd u liek them?
    /liek pokemon: so I herd u liek pokemon?
    /hurrdurr: Hurr Durr Conkeldurr.
    /smugleaf: to whom all your pogeymanz are belong.
    /attack target*move: attacks target with move.
    – If target is not specified, a random Pokémon is selected as target.
    – If move is not specified, it is selected at random.

    Message Formatting: post your message in a different way
    /random: posts a random message.
    /leet message: translates a message to 1337.
    /aleet message: translates a message to advanced 1337.
    /morse message: translates a message to Morse Code.
    /reverse message: posts the message reversed.
    /desuify message: posts the message in desu colors.
    /rainbow message: posts the message in beautiful rainbow colors.
    /value something*systemnumber: posts the value of something in decimal.
    systemnumber is optional; it changes the decimal system into another system.

    Evil Commands: try these if you dare
    /evil you are evil.
    /muha: you have an evil laugh.
    /bwha: you have a truly evil laugh.
    /keke: you have an evil laugh, Korean style. Or rather Sableye Style =P
    /kill person*reason: kills someone for a reason, that may remain blank.
    /nice: if you really don't want do go evil, use this.

    Fundex Commands: make your own dex data
    /fundex user: view someone's dex data.
    /type type1*type2: set your type.
    type2 is optional, you can also be single-typed obviously.
    /ability ability: set your ability.
    /sigmove sigmove: set your signature move.
    /dexinfo text: set your dex info.
    /basestats HP*Atk*Def*SpA*SpD*Spe: set your base stats.

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