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    League Information Empty League Information

    Post  Maribel Hearn on Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:26 am

    Information for Challengers

    League battles are always Singles, and have Sleep and Freeze clause activated. You do not have to battle the Gym Leaders in order from 1 to 8, but you do have to battle the Elite Four members 1 to 4. Also, you can only battle the Elite Four when you have collected all badges, and can battle the Champion (me ;3) after having beat all the Elite Four members.

    Information for League Members

    In your team, all of your Pokemon must share a certain type, although you may include 1 wildcard (1 Pokémon lacking that type). Put the rules for your league match in your thread. Also, your team cannot be Uber tier or outside the Generation 5 category. Lower than OU is not recommended.

    The League

    ±Gym Leader 1: [FC]Flandre Scarlet - Ground
    ±Gym Leader 2: [FC]Stealth - Grass
    ±Gym Leader 3: [FC]Byakuren Hiziri - Psychic
    ±Gym Leader 4: [FC]Grand Master - Dark
    ±Gym Leader 5: [FC]Meh - Flying
    ±Gym Leader 6: [FC]Cirno - Ice
    ±Gym Leader 7: Maxedofhaxed - Fire
    ±Gym Leader 8: [FC]Victini - Water

    ±Elite 1: [FC]Officer Daniel - Normal
    ±Elite 2: [FC]Marisa Kirisame - Electric
    ±Elite 3: General Thor - Dragon
    ±Elite 4: [FC]Shirinui - Fighting

    ±Champion : [FC]Leon Powalski - Various

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