Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y)

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    Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) Empty Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y)

    Post  Nitori Kawashiro on Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:05 am

    Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 212948394 Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 3096496679 Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 338003243 Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 4006243745

    Type: Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 874442478 Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 1594612372 (Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 874442478 Analysis: Missingno. (All Formes except -Y) 2506191376 as Missingno.-G)
    HP: 33
    Attack: 136
    Defense: 0
    Special Attack: 6
    Special Defense: 6
    Speed: 29
    Ability: No Ability
    Tier: Fundex UU

    Missingno. is one of those Pokemon that has that one outstanding feature that makes you want to use it, but all of its other stats are beyond horrible. In the case of its Red and Blue formes, it has that pretty high attack stat; the second highest in Fundex UU, only behind Leonidas. Its Yellow forme has the second highest base HP in Fundex UU, only behind Kaguya. However, Missingno. carries no ability and all of its other stats are horrible. Missingno.'s defenses are so horrible that it envies a wet paper bag and is as fast as a snail. Its movepool is probably one of the smallest in Fundex UU, beaten only by Cell. That insanely low speed means that it is only useful in Trick Room, and even then, it won't be ending worlds anytime soon.

    COOLTRAINER♀ (Trick Room)
    Missingno. @ Power Herb
    Trait: (No Ability)
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    IVs: 0 Spd
    Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
    - Return / Double-Edge
    - Earthquake
    - Sky Attack
    - Super Glitch

    This is literally the extent of Missingno.'s viable movepool. This set should only be used in Trick Room due to Missingno.'s atrocious speed. Return and Double-Edge are used for STAB unless you use Missingno.-G; Missingno.-G is only useful over Missingno.'s other formes due to two immunities instead of one, as it lacks STAB. Earthquake is mostly filler, but hits the various Ground-weak 'mons in the tier. Missingno. also gets Super Glitch, a ???-type move with 100 power and 100 accuracy, and its only ???-type STAB. Sky Attack with Power Herb is a very devestating one-use attack, hitting Kaguya and Wriggle for super-effective damage, dealing about 75% to 252 / 252 Bold Kaguya and OHKOing 4 / 0 neutral defense Wriggles.

    Other Options

    Just one. :V

    Submission can be used to hit the several Rock and Steel-types in the tier, but Earthquake already takes care of that.

    Checks and Counters

    Missingno. is easily killed by anything outside of Trick Room. Inside Trick Room, Cell "outspeeds" non -Y Missingno. and KOes with either firin mah lazer (which is yet to be released) or Shadow Ball. The King also "outspeeds" and KOes very easily. Priority users such as Kirby, Dennis, S.A. Penguin, Suika, Samus, Dedede, and the rare Mach Punch Cirno and Sucker Punch Vader. Roflcopter can switch in on any of Missingno.'s moves and KO with Aqua Jet, although priority moves aren't seen often on Roflcopter due to its high speed.

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