RMT Guidelines

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    RMT Guidelines

    Post  Jewel on Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:12 am

    All rules listed on this page must be followed when posting a RMT.


    1. Select the appropriate prefix in the title. When constructing a new thread there will be an option to select a prefix. Prefixes are helpful with organizing all threads. It is easy for members to recognize threads just by reading the thread title if it has the appropriate prefix.

    2. Do not post incomplete teams. Most competitive teams contain six Pokémon.

    3. You must include an importable of your team. An importable of your team can be obtained in the 'Team Builder' of Pokémon Online.

    4. By posting your team in the RMT section, anyone is allowed to use your team. If you are uncomfortable with anyone else using your team, simple do not post it.

    5. You are allowed to double post in your thread, if it has not received any reply in the last twenty four hours, to 'bump' it.

    6. If you are uncomfortable with criticism, do not post a thread. You have the option to ignore suggestions. Arguments are fine but do not cross the line.

    7. If your thread has not receive any reply in the last 10 days, you may recreate the thread.

    8. Do not copy and post RMT threads from other sites unless you have permission.

    Creativity & Structure

    1. For each Pokémon, you must use this format.

    Pokémon @ Item
    - Move
    - Move
    - Move
    - Move

    2. Do not use irritating font, colors, pictures etc.

    3. It is not necessary but including pictures in your RMT is a recommendation.

    4. You must include text explaining your team. Each Pokémon must be explained and their movesets as well. Stealing information off analyses is not good enough, you must explain why you chose that specific Pokémon and such. Use competitive reasons.

    5. Test your team before posting it, this will give you a better understanding of what needs improvement.

    6. Your RMT must be readable and in English. Try your best to use good grammar.

    7. Before posting a RMT please have a bit of knowledge on competitive battling such as Tiers, Strategies, etc. You can always update your knowledge by playing on the official PO server.

    8. Your team must be competitive based. For example, a team full of Magikarp is not acceptable.


    Re: RMT Guidelines

    Post  Guest on Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:53 am

    Not following these rules will put me in a position to remove your RMT topic.
    Not following these rules multiple times will put me in a position to give you a warning.

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