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    Info -- Gym Leaders

    Post  Guest on Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:55 am

    -Don't be rude to challengers who want a challenge. Say them they need to post it on the topic here.
    -Don't kick people, who get mad if they lose, just mute them for a while.
    -Having fun is relaxing the challengers; make them happy by saying: You are a great fighter, or whatever. Just like Gym Leaders in the games always do.
    -Dont blame on challengers that they are bad, just say "work on your team".
    -Players always can challenge you, there are no limits.
    -Be happy when you are a Gym Leader.

    Gym Leaders as of November 1st:
    ±Gym 1: Flandre Scarlet - Ground - Insanity Badge
    ±Gym 2: Erika - Grass - Rainbow Badge
    ±Gym 3: Essej2 - Ghost - Vanish Badge
    ±Gym 4: Mysterious Kids - Psychic - Mystery Badge
    ±Gym 5: Vic - Normal - Victini Badge
    ±Gym 6: Cannonplus - Bug - Sting Badge
    ±Gym 7: Cluie - Fighting - Brawl Badge
    ±Gym 8: Cirno - Ice - Baka Badge

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