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    Server Fun Commands

    Post  Maribel Hearn on Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:08 am

    Here it is, the list of our main uniqueness besides the Fundex game; the commands!

    Joke Commands: some random jokes
    /lolspam: posts lol.
    /xdspam: posts xD.
    /desu: Suiseiseki goes nuts.
    /roulette: play a roulette game and try to win something.
    /cow: Miltank would like to say something.
    /shoopdawhoop: posts lazer.
    /fire: Cell would like to fire.
    /lazorfire: this time, Cell really fires.
    /barrelroll: Peppy gives you some advice.
    /wtfboom: what the fu- bomb.
    /trap: it's a trap.
    /kirby: the Kirby dance.
    /idunnolol: I dunno lol.
    /over9000: Goku's power level.
    /nope: Nope.avi.
    /eeyup: Eeyup.avi.
    /yes: YYYEEESSS!
    /no: NNOOOOOO!
    /ohshi: OH SHI-
    /awwyeah: AWWWWW YEEEEEAH!
    /tablethrow: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    /omnom: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.
    /combobreaker: C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER!!
    cbreak is a usable abbreviation for combobreaker.
    /andross: you are Andross.
    /allthreatstothehumanrace: I must attract them!
    attthr is a usable abbreviation for allthreatstothehumanrace.
    /dennis: posts dennis.
    /futuredennis seconds: posts dennis in the future.
    /face something: you lay your face on something.
    /eat something: you eat something.
    /own something: posts that something owns.
    /pwn something: posts that something pwns.
    /fail something: posts that something failed.
    /epicfail something: posts that something failed epicly.
    /failatlife something: posts that something fails at life.
    /wrong something: Lex Luthor complains about something.
    /yuno something: Y U NO something?
    /nigga something: NIGGA STOLE MY something!
    /grasp something: you cannot grasp its true form.
    /pingas something: something goes snooping.
    /disappoint something: you are disappoint.
    /nuke something: nukes something.
    /russia noun*verb*noun: generates an In Soviet Russia joke.

    Touhou Commands: jokecommands relating to Touhou
    /caved: CAVED!!!!!!!!!!
    /charismabreak: charisma break!
    chbreak is a usable abbreviation for charismabreak.
    /sake something: Sake not even something!
    – If something is not specified, sake not even drop!
    /baka something: something is a (9).
    /marisa something: Marisa stole my precious thing!

    Leave Commands: disconnect yourself from the server in a funny way
    /selfkick: kick yourself from the server.
    /selfpunch: punch yourself from the server.
    /selfbutt: headbutt yourself from the server.
    /selfass: kick your own ass.
    /selfflandre: let Flandre Scarlet kill you.
    selfflan is a usable abbreviation for selfflandre.
    /selfchuck: let Chuck Norris kill you.
    /selflazer: let Shoop Da Whoop kill you.
    /selffalcon: let Captain Falcon kill you.
    /selfshoot: shoot your neck.
    /selfwtfboom: explode.
    /see something: become scared by seeing something.
    /flyaway: fly away.
    /suicide: kill yourself.
    /dividebyzero: divide by zero.

    Pokemon Commands: Pokemon-related commands
    /attract user: attracts someone.
    /burn user: burns someone.
    /paralyze user: paralyzes someone.
    /poison user: poisons someone.
    /freeze user: freezes someone.
    /cure user: puts someone to sleep to cure its status.
    /capture something*pokeball: captures something in a pokeball.
    – If pokeball is not specified, something gets a normal Poke Ball flung to it.
    /attack user*move: attacks someone with a given move.
    /derp: posts Derpfisk.
    /futurederp seconds: posts Derpfisk in the future.
    /mudkipz: so I herd u liek them?
    /liek pokemon: so I herd u liek pokemon?
    /hurrdurr: Hurr Durr Conkeldurr.
    /smugleaf: to whom all your pogeymanz are belong.

    Message Formatting: post your message in a different way
    /random: posts a random message.
    /leet message: translates a message to 1337.
    /aleet message: translates a message to advanced 1337.
    /morse message: translates a message to Morse Code.
    /reverse message: posts the message reversed.
    /desuify message: posts the message in desu colors.
    /rainbow message: posts the message in beautiful rainbow colors.
    /color message*color: posts the message in your given color.
    /value something*systemnumber: posts the value of something in decimal.
    systemnumber is optional; it changes the decimal system into another system.

    Evil Commands: try these if you dare
    /evil you are evil.
    /muha: you have an evil laugh.
    /bwha: you have a truly evil laugh.
    /keke: you have an evil laugh, Korean style. Or rather Sableye Style =P
    /kill person*reason: kills someone for a reason, that may remain blank.
    /nice: if you really don't want do go evil, use this.

    Fundex Commands: make your own fake dex data
    /fundex user: view someone's FunDex data.
    /type type1*type2: set your type.
    type2 is optional, you can also be single-typed obviously.
    /ability ability: set your ability.
    /sigmove sigmove: set your signature move.
    /dexinfo text: set your dex info.
    /basestats HP*Atk*Def*SpA*SpD*Spe: set your base stats.
    /exportfundex: exports your Fundex data to a file, so you can import it later.
    /importfundex: imports your Fundex data from the saved file.

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