Touhou 1-5: PC-98 games


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    Touhou 1-5: PC-98 games Empty Touhou 1-5: PC-98 games

    Post  Mitch on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:49 pm

    Because I can. These games need more love.

    Ah, the pre-windows games. No hitbox, in the first two (curtain fire) games no focus either, the first 'Boss Only' game, such as TH9, and the first Touhou game ever, which is nothing like the gameplay right now. Go find them, play them, whatever. If I may suggest an emulator, try Next-98, it runs in 60 fps and is pretty easy to understand. Oh, and no replays for you.

    -Highly responsive to prayers
    -Story of eastern wonderland
    -Phantasgoria of dim. Dream
    -Lotus land story
    -Mystic square
    (Don't mind the mistakes, feel free to correct, though I think I only got PoDD wrong)

    SoEW is the game with Mima and Marisa's first appearance, LLS has Bad Apple!!, MS has Alice. You cannot focus in SoEW and PoDD, HRtP is just weird, but fun.
    Go try them. They are awesome. :3

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